Frontline Services

Business Registration




Real Property Assessment


Environment Services


Executive Services


Civil Registration Services


Integrated Health Services

  • Availing of outpatient consultation at MHO
    • General Consultation
    • Reproductive Tract Health Examination
    • Immunization Service
    • Maternal Care Seminar
    • Dental Services
  • Securing Health/Medical Certificate
  • Population
    • Attending Pre-marriage Counseling Seminar

Human Resource Services


Information Services

  • Securing Certified True Copies of Municipal Council Documents at SB
  • Securing data from MPDO


Infrastructure Service


Market Services


Social Welfare Services

  • Availing of Assistance in Crisis Situation
  • Securing a Social Case Study Report
  • Promoting the Welfare of Socially Disadvantaged Women
  • Management of Children in Conflict with the Law
  • Securing Certificate of Indigency
  • Facilitating Issuance of Solo Parent, Senior Citizen, Disabled ID
  • Request for Assistance for Death Aid of Senior Citizen
  • Pre-Marriage Counseling
  • Applying for Livelihood Assistance
    • LGU Lending Program
    • SEA-K (DSWD)
  • Applying for the Scholarship Program
  • Securing Other Financial Assistance (Educational, Medical & Death)


Transport Services

  • Applying/Renewing a Trimobile Franchise