In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the current administration headed by Mayor Nelson M. Legaspi together with Vice Mayor Venancio B. Regulado led the relentless effort to renew the license of the operation of the Canaman Birthing Clinic. Due to the great deal of effort by the Local Government of Canaman, after complying with all the needed requirements to the Department of Health Region 5, the license to operate of the Canaman Birthing Clinic was secured on March 30, 2021. With the license and PhilHealth Accreditation, the facility’s 24/7 operation is a welcome development to expecting mothers of Canaman since it is the only birthing Clinic available in the municipality. The nearest birthing clinics, lying-in centers, and hospitals are in Naga City.

The Canaman Birthing Clinic is compliant with the following standards: managed and supervised by healthcare professional(s) who have complied with the minimum and valid licensing requirements; have available medicines and operational equipment and instruments; and have physical facility with adequate areas in order to safely, effectively, and efficiently provide health services to patients.

The birthing facility is a direct response to Administrative Order (AO) 2008-0029 issued by the DOH entitled “Implementing Health Reforms for the Rapid Reduction of Maternal and Neonatal Mortality.” This administrative order institutionalized the “no home birthing policy” as inscribed in its manual of operations that pregnant women should only give birth to facility-based centers. It was drawn up to curb the rising maternal and neonatal deaths due to “home births unsupervised by skilled health professionals.”