Out of 50 strong applications, Canaman’s Child Nutrition Monitoring Project was one of the selected proposals for funding by the Australian Volunteers Program Impact Fund. The grant amount is AusD9,993 or around PhP357,000.00 for the implementation of an ICT solution to Child Nutrition Monitoring.

The project’s main components are software development (mobile and web application), procurement of tablets to manage and run the program, and training of the Barangay Nutrition Scholars on the use of the app. It will provide the Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS) with an automated solution to capture nutrition data for children aged 0-5 years in the 24 barangays of Canaman. The solution will enable their process to be less error-prone, immediately show the nutritional status of the child upon entry of data on-site, automatically upload data to the Nutrition Council databases, and also track data over multiple periods. From a development perspective, the computerized solution will provide the BNSs the opportunity to use computers and give them a greater sense of confidence, and personal development opportunities.

The grant was approved through the submitted proposal by Mr. Bala Subramanian and his LGU-counterparts. The main objective of the project is to develop and implement a solution for monitoring the progress of Child Nutrition Programs and to provide training for Barangay Nutrition Scholars.

The Local Government of Canaman hosted an Australian Volunteer, Mr. Bala Subramanian, to help the LGU in the formulation and initial implementation of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Plan. He started his assignment in July 2019 and expected to end in February 2022.

The Australian Volunteers Program matches a broad range of skilled Australians with partner organizations in the Indo-Pacific region, to support them to achieve their own development goals.