Sta. Teresita

History of Barangay Sta. Teresita Barangay Sta. Teresita is a former sitio of Barangay Tibgao called Gogon. Oral tradition says, the sitio was so thick with cogonal grass locally called gogon. Due to the increasing population, people started clearing and cultivating the area. Thru time, the settlement became bigger and bigger and on 30 December continue reading : Sta. Teresita

San Roque

History of Barangay San Roque Also named in honor of its patron saint and advocate. Physical Characteristics Barangay San Roque is bounded on the west by barangay Talidtid, East by barangay Fundado North by barangay Liñaga and South by barangay Casuray of the Municipality of Magarao. It has an aggregate area of 165.0129 has. or continue reading : San Roque

San Juan

History of Barangay San Juan The early settlers of the barrio came from unknown families who reached the area by water with the use of a wooden boat sometime in 1683. They reached the place in view of their desire to look for an agricultural land to till. The people were so happy to discover continue reading : San Juan

San Nicolas

History of Barangay San Nicolas Barangay San Nicolas is one of the distant barangays of Canaman. One of several of the municipality’s barrios that dot the length of the Bicol River on Canaman’s coasta settlement, its lower western part of which practically faces the municipality of Libmanan. In fact, San Nicolas is more accessible from continue reading : San Nicolas

San Jose West

History of Barangay San Jose West Barangay San Jose West was created thru Municipal Council Resolution No. 18 s 1949 on March 30, 1949. It used to be part of Calambog, an old settlement whose name was said to be derived from the “mambog” trees that grow quickly in the area. At that time, Calambog continue reading : San Jose West