A God-loving municipality, excellent in all areas of leadership and service delivery, seen in the brilliant blend of urban and rural development, caring people, a resilient environment and rich Canaman culture.


With the blessings of the Almighty and driven by leaders and employees known for being upright and disciplined servants of the people, the Local Government of Canaman will provide a brilliant blend of services and supports that promote:

Maorop asin sararo na komunidad.

We will provide our people with necessary skills to progress in life, to enable them to blend hard work with care for themselves, family and community.

Maogmang familia sa gabos na barangay.

The municipality will drive integrated development in all barangays, blending social, economic and environmental  development to ensure all households enjoy a decent quality of life.

Paghahanda sa kalamidad.

We will blend short term actions with long term planning, while doing all we can to mitigate known risks and hazards to ensure our people, buildings and infrastructure are resilient to disasters in a changing climate.

Magayon na kapalibotan.

We will work hard to provide a blended and balanced approach to managing our environment, which provides us with precious natural resources, supports the health of our people, protect us in disasters and is the basis of our agriculture, fisheries and tourism industries.

Toltol asin matibay na lideres.

We will practice transparency and participatory governance, blending strong leadership with a listening ear that responds to community concerns.

Maogmang taga-Canaman.

These elements will brilliantly blend so that taga-Canaman will continue to enjoy a desirable lifestyle in the citadel of Bikol culture.