The current administration has strong advocacy and pronouncement in the campaign of anti-illegal drugs in our country. Thus, voluntary surrender of self-confessed drug personalities nationwide last 2016 became a country’s problem. The Person Who Used Drugs (PWUDs) underwent screening and assessment undertaken by capacitated and trained ADACs personnel headed by the Dr. Salvador V. Betito Jr., MHO.
Under Dangerous Drugs Board Regulation No. 4 Series of 2016, Section 3, Guidelines on Assessment of Individuals who Voluntarily Surrender and Determination of Appropriate Intervention, states that the SDUs classified under Low Risk, Moderate or High, Mild and Severe shall undergone series of interventions at barangay or community based rehabilitation and intervention program.
As stated under Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, Article VII, Sec. 51, the Local Government Unit shall appropriate a substantial portion of their respective budgets to assists in or enhance the enforcement of this act giving priority to preventive or educational programs and the rehabilitation and treatment of drug dependents.
Thus, the LGU of Canaman conducted General Intervention to Low Risk PWUDs last July 5, 2018. Among 149 Low Risk PWUDs, only 41 was able to attend and are subjected to a 3 – session After Care Program.
The aftercare sessions was conducted last October 12, 2018 with session on Coping and Adjustment, October 18, 2018 with session on Family Reintegration and October 23, 2018 Session on Goal Setting and Evaluation. Only 27 PWUDs were able to complete the sessions.
The success of the intervention programs was headed by our Local Chief Executive, Hon. Henry P. Ragodon, and the member of Technical Working Group, Ms. Emma Elena A. De La Torre, Mun. Local Government Operations Officer/Team Leader, Ms. Francia M. Arcayera, MSWDO, Dr. Salvador V. Betito Jr., MHO and PSI Jorgelito B. Alforte, Acting Chief of Police.
Other PWUDs classified under Low Risk and Mild Risk are still subject for General Intervention, Community Based Rehabilitation Program and Aftercare Program.